Quarter Crack Repair Services for Horses

Equine Hoof Reconstruction Treatments for Quarter Cracks and Hoof Wall Separations

Quater Crack repair servicesOne of the most common causes of foot lameness or reduced athletic performance in race horses, jumping horses and sport horses is painful quarter cracks in the horse's hooves that can eventually lead to inflammation and/or infection if left untreated. When you take a close-up look at a quarter crack, you will see a darkened area, which is actually moist, rotting hoof horn that hinders good hoof wall growth. The presence of a yellowish color signifies long-term internal trauma to the tissue inside the hoof.

Normally, quarter cracks originate at the top of the hoof (at the coronary band) and proceed downward. Quarter cracks affect horses of every breed, lineage and gender, and there are many causes, including:

  • Coronary band defects or trauma
  • Excessive hoof growth
  • Thin hoof walls
  • Dry hooves
  • Short shoeing
  • Improper foot balance
  • Abnormal hoof conformation

Quater Crack Equine Hoof RepairUnfortunately, many horses are expected to perform even if they suffer from quarter cracks. This will inevitably exacerbate the problem every time their foot hits the ground as they run.

One of the biggest challenges all horse owners and trainers face is the substantial amount of time that is lost due to lameness in the hoof. At Rusty's Equine Hoof Repair, I offer effective horse hoof wall reconstruction treatments and quarter crack repair services for quarter cracks and hoof wall separations. It is of utmost importance to rebuild the horse's hoof and ensure that the foot's internal anatomy does not suffer any longstanding or re-occurring injuries, so contact me today to see how I can help!

After the moisture and dead tissue are removed and the affected area is thoroughly cleaned and dried, my special "Millennium Patch" application technique is used to help stabilize the hoof and allow for knitting at the coronary band. Using my "Millennium Patch" technique, many of the horses I've treated have found their injuries exponentially reduced, allowing them to return to the energy and excitement of competitive racing soon after.

Quarter cracks are common in many types of horses, and my horse hoof crack repair technique can help race horses, sport horses, Arabian horses, performance horses, and more! I am not a practicing farrier; I am a hoof repair specialist with more than two decades of expertise in the equine industry. Please call 716-903-9596 toll-free for further details.


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