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Professional Equine Hoof Repair Services

There are few true "specialists" in today's equine industry, if you define the term as someone who devotes himself to a particular branch of study or research. Generally most equine experts obtain their horse sense by learning a little bit of information about a variety of horse related topics.

Conversely, using that same definition, I consider myself to be a true hoof repair specialist. While my knowledge of many aspects of a horse is vast, I have focused the last twenty-two years of my life solely upon the research and repair of damaged horse hooves. It is my forte.

To be perfectly clear, I am not a practicing farrier. I am a hoof repair specialist who has developed and perfected my own methods of treating the many and varied debilitating injuries that can occur in horse's hooves. This is not just a claim, but rather the statement of a professional with a client list of owners across the United States whose horses I have treated with more than satisfactory results.

Statistically, one of the most significant challenges for owners and trainers of horses is the amount of time lost due to lameness in the hoof. And unfortunately as we all know, lost time translates into lost money or enjoyment. While the conscientious farrier can tackle the typical day to day hoof problems that arise, there are always those special cases that require the knowledge and advice of a specialist experienced in the science of hoof repair.

As a hoof repair specialist I work with your veterinarian in diagnosing the cause of the horse's lameness. I then treat the hoof accordingly using the newest, safest and most effective technology, which I have researched and developed over the last twenty-two years.

I then incorporate the efforts of the resident farrier, trainer, owner and caretaker/groom to work together as a team in aiding the healing process and ultimately restoring the health of the hoof. Each horse's recovery time varies but almost all treatments are successful.

As the work of a farrier is a craft within itself, so too is the art of hoof repair. Over the span of my career I have developed a vast database of knowledge on injured hoof treatment and hoof repair. My work has taken me across the country as well as to foreign lands. My experience includes horses of all breeds and types not to mention every hoof challenge imaginable. If your horse has a hoof problem, I know how to treat it or have the knowledge base and experience to develop a solution.

There's an old saying, "No hoof, no horse." If lameness in your horse's foot is the problem, then allow me to restore the hoof so you can reclaim and place your horse back into the excitement.

equine hoof repair horse hooves hoof repair farrier horses


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