The Designers of the CHEETAH Present


Teeth Of The Dog winning the Confederation Cup!

"What I like about this bike is how comfortable and safe I feel in it, how it tracks and how well it's balanced. What I love about it is how
it wins races."

-Dave Palone
1999's leading
dash-winning driver

" I won $80,000 4&5-year-old Ohio Sire Stakes final, and was second in the $400,000 Hoosier Cup with CPW. I used the BlackJack in both races. I'm having great
success with it."

-Dave Hawk
1999's second-leading
dash-winning driver

" I train 3 season's leading trotters: Carry The Oak (3YO colt) 58.3h; Hi Noon Winner (4YO stallion) 58.3h; and He's Nifty (aged gelding) 56.3h. They all wore the BlackJack when taking their records. Having this bike gives me a definite advantage."

-Virgil Morgan
1999's second-leading
dash-winning trainer

"I won the driving and training title this meet in California by more than one hundres wins. I had the only BlackJack all meet. What an edge."

-Rick Palano
1999's third-leading
dash-winning trainer

Sold exclusively through Big D's
Patent Pending
The BlackJack sulky is USTA approved.

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